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Liquid Dessert  
--  If it is not good enough for my dinner guests, you won't find it here.  --  

2009 Chateau Guiraud, Sauternes - Bordeaux, France 375ml

As far as dessert wine goes, this is about as good as it gets.  From one of the top producers in Bordeaux, this rarity sports tropical sensations with honeyed notes and hints of marzipan; there is a flawless line of vibrancy that prevents this French superstar from being overdone.  Absolutely Outstanding!

$39.95  LCBO #256347
$45.00  SAQ  #11966361


Graham's 20-years Tawny Port - Oporto, Portugal

This is really classy tawny and the 500ml bottle is perfect for sitting by the fire with your sweetie! There is an initial bite that some people like (I don't) but it smooths out beautifully in the glass - and if there is any left the next day, it tastes like the Graham's 30 which is bottled perfection if you ever stumble across a bottle during your travels.

Traditionally served slightly chilled, though I prefer mine at room temperature with a chunk of milk chocolate.

$36.95  LCBO #620641 500ml 
$30.25  SAQ   #284307  375ml


Lustau, East India Solera Sherry - Jerez, Spain

I actually have no idea what this stuff tastes like on its own -- but my wife makes the best French Onion Soup on the planet and I'll let you in on her little secret: add a half cup of Lustau's East India Sherry to the broth and voilà, soupe magnifique! 

$22.95  LCBO #342931 500ml 

- no grade awarded for the soup, due to potential for marital dispute -

Muskoka Lakes Winery, Red Maple - Muskoka, Ontario

I enjoyed this so much at our Thanksgiving feast that I wrote Muskoka Lakes a letter praising their effort. A blend of cranberries and maple syrup - though surprisingly not a sweet as you might expect. Cranberry prevails with and underlying smoothness from the maple – outstanding alongside the Turkey or as an accent with dessert.  Those who find it a bit too intense might try adding tonic water to create an aperitif style wine... but I love it just the way it is.

$23.95  LCBO #50039


Sandeman, Vau Vintage Port 2000 - Oporto, Portugal

Think of this as faux fur or leather; it's not exactly the real thing, but it is certainly not far off the mark - Vintage Port with a modern twist and perhaps a little more user friendly. This is port for those who don't have the patience to wait 15-20 years. Expect sensations of blackberry, plum, cassis, and a touch of spice; you really can't go wrong here. Decant before serving to soften any hard edges and enjoy it with an über rich dessert.

$19.95  LCBO #251090
$25.35  SAQ  #11573162


Sortilege - Quebec, Canada

This is outrageously good!  A 50/50 blend of Canadian Whiskey and Maple Syrup.  The traditional way to serve this mind-warping concoction is to pour it at room temperature over the rocks in a lowball glass.  The variation in both temperature and texture will soothe the soul as it coats your palate with the warming sensation of the whiskey combined with the intoxicating sweetness of the maple syrup -- but it is the very last drop that tastes the best! 

$31.00  LCBO #250134
$34.50  SAQ  #522482 


Lillet Blanc - Bordeaux, France

A blend of Sauvignon and Semillon from the vines of Bordeaux mixed with a shot of brandy and delicately packed with personality. Tastes of peach, apricot, and a touch of orange rind bitterness; creamy on the mid-palate; refreshing, and everlasting. Advertised, as an aperitif but this will also work with light desserts. Guaranteed you’ll crave a second glass. Serve well chilled.

$17.95  LCBO #322297
$15.95  SAQ   #953091